Conference Interpreting and Organisation

Enjoy 360º of Conferences

Enjoy Aion’s expertise, as our professionals know conferences inside and out, all 360o. Dedicate yourself to the conference content, its running smoothly, and the participants, knowing that you have the support of premium professionals behind you. Present yourself in the best possible light in the perfect location, a convenient space, and with the best technical support.

The success of any individual business event is a combination of many details, and Aion's experts know how to combine those details into a smooth event. According to your needs, we will help you choose the perfect location for your requirements, whether you are organising a smaller event, an international conference, or a VIP meeting. They will suggest restaurants and catering services, with exquisite delicacies of your choice. They will take care of the entire event organisation, including accommodation, logistics, and technical support, as well as interpreting and translation.

A team of Aion’s experienced professionals will help you introduce your participants to local attractions and gastronomy, transfer them from the airport to the hotel in style, ensure superior sound and presentation. Above all, Aion’s interpreters will provide you with fluent communication between participants from different countries, either by simultaneous interpretation in the latest-generation booths, or by consecutive translation during meetings. Choose the whole package of services in one place, with the professionals, and present yourself to your colleagues and guests in the best possible light!


• Over many years of experience, Aion’s experts have developed internal conference management tools. Below is an overview of some of the activities required during a conference. But, save some time and contact us directly for more details and consultations. You are welcome at any time.


Expert Advice on Choosing the Best Location

Rely on our experienced professionals to help you choose the most convenient location or venue for a conference or meeting. During the development of the proposal, they will take into account the level of your conference, participant profile, time of the year, and much more. They have been working with various hotels for years, and are masters in finding the perfect conference rooms, meeting spaces, or locations yet unknown. Request a consultation with members of the Aion team, who know all 360º of the conference world.

Furnishing Conference Offices

Contact us to organise a conference office with all the associated equipment, from printers and scanners, to desks and work lamps.


Have your guests enjoy a lavish welcome, in a comfortable vehicle with a friendly driver, right on time.


In their free time, take your guests on amazing excursions they will remember for a long time to come. Aion's experienced professionals will help you choose locations to visit, will organise tour guides, skippers, show you hidden continental and maritime destinations, still untrodden paths along rivers and wine roads. Your guests deserve only the best! And we understand you. Perfectly.

Gourmet Delights

We like to think of ourselves as foodies, so we’re constantly looking for excellent food, but also delicious snacks, top service, and creative chefs. Aion's experts will help you choose a unique restaurant or catering service, because you want to present yourself to your colleagues and guests in the best possible light. We know both international and local gastronomy, so let Aion’s team help you with menus. And they can also advise you on snacks during the conference, or fruit and finger food during coffee breaks. International guests are always delighted with a blend of traditional and modern gastronomy, but rely on Aion's experienced professionals to propose fully local cuisine adapted to the international scene.  We do our best to keep your guests happy, since we know the best way to someone’s heart is still through their stomach.

How does the process of ordering and delivering conference services go:

  1. Send us a description of your planned conference. It's simple: describe your event, indicate its date and time, required languages and topic. For conference interpreting and conference equipment, provide a bit more details, such as e.g. the number of participants, venue, and similar.
  2. The project manager determines your specific needs and agrees to the terms of collaboration. If necessary, they will prepare and send an offer.
  3. Upon offer acceptance, we will assign you a team of professionals that best suits your needs.

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