Subtitling [ film. Printing translations of text spoken on a film copy]

We all know that scampi and shrimp are not the same thing. But Aion's translators know that well in many languages. Some of them are fans of sitcoms, some enjoy discovering new recipes and various world cuisines, and some love documentaries. But their experience will help you create subtitles of the highest quality, that can turn your viewing experience into a smooth and understandable event. They are precise in adapting subtitles to the local context, while their attention to detail allows viewers to enjoy content as if they were watching the original. In addition to movies and TV series, we often translate interviews, speeches, conferences, videos, documentaries, and various corporate materials.


Why does subtitling require special skills?

Unlike in other types of translation, conciseness is the key ingredient in subtitling. Subtitled text is usually shorter than spoken text, so that viewers can have enough time to read the subtitles. Aion's translators are masters of creative solutions that will shorten the text, whilst preserving the original meaning.


Why are subtitles needed?

Subtitling is necessary when business content needs to be distributed to an international audience in a form that is fully adapted to a particular foreign market and language. Subtitles are usually needed by companies that distribute their films/videos to an international audience, e.g.:

- TV channels or distributors of foreign films, series, or documentaries

- companies that show(case) their videos, commercials, conferences, on their websites, or on other media

- e-learning platforms with lectures intended for foreign markets

- software companies that post instruction videos on their websites or social networks


What the process of subtitling looks like

Subtitling may seem simple, but for the viewer to be able to read the finished subtitles, a whole series of tasks must be completed:

  • creation of subtitle texts based on video originals or transcripts (making the so-called template)
  • subtitle translation to target language based on the template or translating and creating a subtitle based on a transcript
  • subtitle text formatting
  • time coding or determining the moment when the subtitle appears and disappears from the screen, which is ruled by client requirements and industry standards
  • inserting subtitles into a video or delivery of a subtitle file (usually in .srt format).

Order subtitling

  1. Send us a description of your requirements for subtitling. The project manager determines your specific needs and agrees the terms. If necessary, they will prepare and send an offer.
  2. Upon offer acceptance, we will assign you a team of professionals that best suits your needs.
  3. Subtitles will be delivered in the agreed format and by the desired deadline.

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