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If you want your legal translations to look like they were written by a lawyer, rely on Aion's professional translators, who know the law. Join our happy clients, including international bodies, courts, law firms, public institutions, companies, international organisations, and of course citizens. Because our translators know the difference between a court decision and a verdict, between regular and legal remedies, between civil and federal proceedings, between a solicitor and a barrister. We update our knowledge with new laws and regulations so as to keep up with the times and news.

In translation, we respect the precision of the original text, because law is reflected in the details and the professional adaptation of the translation to the legal institutes of the country of the target language. We often peruse academic articles in order to achieve the highest quality and precision in our translations. We know different legal systems and their legal institutes. And all of that in different languages, from Croatian and English, to German, Macedonian, French, and many others.


Golden Standard of Translation Quality

To achieve the highest possible level of quality and precision, translations at Aion undergo at the minimum a two-tier process - translation and editing/proofreading. If necessary, an interdisciplinary team works on the texts, with additional proofreading and editing, as well as proofreading by native speakers or experts for a specific sector.

In consultation with clients, we create our own translation memories of specific terms used by the client or a specific industry. This speeds up the process of making premium translations and results in a uniform and appropriate use of terminology.

With many years of experience working at the international market, our translators are well acquainted with the terminology and institutes of the international courts, agencies, governments, etc. If needed, the translation will be reviewed and certified by a certified court interpreter.



The following is an overview of only a portion of our experience. But, save your time and contact us directly for more details. You are welcome at any time.


… civil  law  |  maritime  law  |  tax  law  |  ownership  and  titles  |  contracts  and  agreements  |  insurance  law  |  criminal  law  |  company  law  |  copyright  and  patents  |  license  agreements  |  publishing  agreements  |  translation  of  foreign  legal  texts  |  international  law  |  translation  of  annual  reports  |  the  process  of  establishing  a  company  |  articles  of  association  |  excerpt  from  the  court  register  |  expert  reports  |  court  proceedings  |  mediation  |  testimony  |  translation  of  correspondence  |  professional  legal  translations  and  terminology  |  inspections  |  environment  |  banking  |  economy  |  medicine  and  pharmaceuticals  |  automotive  industry  |  construction  |  architecture  |  EU  Acquis  |  social  care  |  democracy  |  human  rights  |  law  enforcement  |  IT  |  cybercrime  |  security  |  business  |  retail  |  customs  |  funds  |  tourism  |  pension  system  |  equality  |  education  |  export/import  |  rule  of  law  |  cohesion  policy  |  railways  |  economy  |  wholesale  |  public  policy  |  transparency  |  anti-corruption  |  local  government  |  borders  and  Schengen  |  media  |  migrations  |  xxx  narcotics  |  legislation  |  European  Court  of  Justice  … 

How does the process ordering and delivering of legal industry translations go:

  1. Send us your text or document. The project manager determines your specific needs and agrees on the terms of collaboration. If necessary, they will prepare and send an offer.
  2. Upon offer acceptance, we will assign you a team of professional interpreters that best suit your needs.
  3. The translated text or document will be delivered in the agreed manner and by the desired deadline

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