Conference Interpreting Equipment

Value your free time and let Aion's experts come up with a complete technical solution for your conference. Professional simultaneous interpretation goes hand in hand with state-of-the-art conference interpreting equipment. A team of premium technicians with many years of international experience will not only help you choose the best equipment for interpreting, but also perfectly adjust the volume, arrange microphones, and provide advice to clients on the best technical solutions.

If necessary, they will also help you choose the multimedia equipment you may need for your conference – screens, projectors, various matrix screens, video scalers, LCD screens, cameras, as well as audio/video recording systems, and video conferencing. Scenic designers will offer a top-notch lighting solution, help you choose the optimal microphone layout, while sound experts monitor the technical performance during the event.

Rely on carefully selected Aion technicians with years of international experience, who will seamlessly fit into the conference organisation. The level of the equipment provided by Aion is in line with the highest market standards.



Technical Equipment for Online Conferencing


Put yourself in the hands of Aion’s experienced professionals, whether you’ve chosen your home or office to hold an international conference or meeting. Our experts will help you choose the optimal platform, check your internet connection and advise you on additional equipment required to achieve the best possible sound and picture quality, such as professional cameras and microphones.


Step boldly out into the world of online conferencing with the help of experienced Aion experts, who will also help you send invitations, and above all, will offer seamless help to the moderator in the technical management of the application during the conference. If necessary, they will advise you on interpreting options and help you run presentations. In addition to experienced technical staff, enjoy the premium quality of Aion interpreters. Because your participants deserve the best.


If you want to organise a hybrid conference, where some participants are in the conference room and others participate online, Aion technicians will help you choose the optimal equipment for your event, depending on the number of participants on site and online. Aion's team also includes experienced designers who will offer a variety of designs on site, online backgrounds, and other designs, as well as help in creating presentations and other materials.


Why choose Aion?


Aion’s technicians abound with the technical knowledge and skills acquired through working for various EU institutions, international organisations and companies, governments and ministries. In addition, many of them are multilingual, which will help maintain a good level of international communication and enhance understanding during the conference. And your only task is to provide them with the parameters of the conference: when it is being held, which language(s) will be used, and how many participants are planned. And to relax and wait for the beginning of the event.


Order conference interpreting equipment


How does the process of ordering and delivering conference interpreting equipment go:

  1. A project manager receives your document for translation, on paper or scanned. They prepare and send an offer and agree on the terms of cooperation.
  2. Upon offer acceptance, we will assign you a team of professional translators and proofreaders that best suit your needs and the required language combination. They have experience with translations from the fields of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.
  3. During the translation process, we apply Aion’s Golden Standard of Quality to ensure that the translation will be of premium quality and delivered on time.

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