Provide flowing communication at your international event with Aion’s experienced translators. Members of Aion's interpretation team are interpreters with many years of experience at numerous national and international conferences at the highest level – from companies, professional conferences and small meetings, to translations for the EU institutions, the UN, international organisations, different governments.

They will easily take you through the most demanding multilingual events, whether it is an interpretation from English to Croatian, Russian to Albanian, or German to French, or all of them. They know different cultures, they are in daily contact with people from around the world, and they love to travel. They are proficient in the vocabulary of the languages in question, which includes professional terminology, but also dialects, slang, idioms, and colloquialisms. This enables them to precisely translate the meaning of a speaker's words and messages from one language to another.

Interpreting is a very demanding form of translation, which requires that an interpreter be distinctly eloquent, articulate, quick, and precise in their thinking, fine diction, and detailed preparation, and on top of that, have an enviable level of experience and knowledge on a specific professional topic. The qualifications and expertise of our members were carefully verified before they started working with Aion, or they have been perfected by working with experienced professionals. All our interpreters belong to the highest interpreting class!

Choose the type of interpreting that best suits your needs:


What is simultaneous interpreting?

Simultaneous interpretation is usually used in international conferences and meetings, roundtables, forums.

  • The interpreters work in a soundproof booth at the venue, and use headphones to listen to the speakers' presentations and interpret them at the same time.
  • People listening to the translation select the preferred language on the receiver, and listen to the translation via a portable headset. The receiver and the headphones will be provided by the event organiser, and they are usually available at the entrance.




Interpreters are located in our translation centre or at their home computer, and they interpret via the online platform chosen by the organiser to host the online event. This application must have a special module for simultaneous interpreting. Contact the Aion Desk and our experts will help you choose the best platform for your event. 

Digital Stage Manager

Step boldly out into the world of virtual conferencing with the help of experienced Aion Digital Stage Managers (DSM), who will help you choose the most appropriate platform for your online conference or event, sending invitations, and above all, they will be offer seamless help to the moderator in the technical management of the app during the conference.

Why choose Aion?

Aion’s DSMs boast the technical knowledge and skills they acquired by working for EU institutions, various international organisations and companies, governments, and ministries. In addition, many of them are multilingual, which will help maintain a good level of international communication and contribute to improving the quality of sound and picture. They will also communicate with your participants in Croatian, English, German, Macedonian, French, Italian, and many other languages. And your only task is to provide them with the parameters of the conference: when is it held, which language(s) will be used, and how many participants are planned. And to relax and wait for the beginning of the event.


During consecutive translation, the interpreter translates into the target language to the entire audience, only after the speaker speaks out a few sentences or thought units. It is usually used at events with a smaller audience, most often at diplomatic, economic, or political gatherings. It can also be used at business meetings, press conferences, meetings with a notary public, lawyers, and similar. Interpreters often have a well-developed system for quick and meaningful note taking, so as to be able to interpret the presentation accurately and precisely.


Sometimes only one person needs interpretation, and only for a brief time. That is when so-called whispering is used. The interpreter sits next to his or her listener, and interprets directly to them as the event unfolds. However, to prevent the translation from distracting nearby listeners or disrupting the course of events, the interpreter will speak in a lower voice, whispering. In their jargon, interpreters use the French word for whispering, ‘chuchotage’, to describe this type of interpreting.

How can you contribute to successful interpreting?

Experienced interpreters always prepare in advance for their work. Once they know the event's topic, they will review regulations, study specific terms, compile their own terminology dictionaries. To assist the interpreters with their thorough preparation, it is useful to provide in advance all available materials that will be used as additional help during the usual interpreting preps.

The Advantages of Aion's Team

All members of Aion’s interpreting team have vast experience from numerous local and international conferences in the public and private sector, including the EU institutions, the UN,  ministries, governments, companies, and others.

How to order an interpretation service

  1. Send us a description of your interpretation needs. It's simpel: write down the event time, required languages, and topic. If you need conference equipment and conference interpreting equipment, please describe the conference: e.g. number of participants, venue, etc.
  2. The project manager determines your specific needs and agrees the terms.  If necessary, they will prepare and send an offer.
  3. Upon offer acceptance, we will assign you a team of professional interpreters that best suits your needs.

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